Sewer Maintenance Products

We offer a variety of maintenance products to optimize your systems. Our team is here to help you find exactly what you need to maintain your systems. You’ll find a highly-skilled team here at Mid South Septic Service LLC. Whether you’re at a residential or commercial location, we can assist you. We even serve the broader septic needs for nearby local governments.

Cost-effective sewer maintenance

BioFORCE Powder – This is the most popular product we sell, and it includes a one-year supply of septic tank enzymes. Used monthly, one bag of powder will promote breakdown of solids and control odor.

It will effectively degrade organic waste solids, grease, and paper for proper system functioning. This product also counteracts the negative impact of bleach, harsh chemicals, and anti-bacterial soaps. It is packaged for residential use for your convenience.

BioFORCE Liquid – BioFORCE™ Liquid Plus – This commercial strength liquid is ideal for use in grease traps and septic tank distribution boxes. This product will keep restaurant drain lines and grease traps functioning properly, and improves performance of septic drain fields — all with a fresh mint fragrance.

ROOTX – This is a foaming root control product to be used in areas with problems of root intrusions. A 2-lb jar is enough for multiple applications to successfully inhibit root growth. It flushes down the sewer piping and will begin foaming immediately as it makes contact with water. The foaming product will also remain in the pipes longer than a liquid for increased contact time.

Sewer Popper – A sewer clean-out cap will allow for overflow relief and it will help prevent sewer backup issues that lead to overflowing in your home.

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